Psilomelane is a group name for hard black manganese oxides including hollandite and romanechite. Psilomelane consists of hydrous manganese oxide with variable amounts of barium and potassium. Psilomelane is erroneously, and uncommonly, known as black hematite, despite not being related to true hematite, which is an iron oxide.

This stone is commonly found in Mexico and is one of the oldest scrying and gazing stones known to man. Many ancient civilizations used the Psilomelane as a stone that could see into the future or faraway lands in the hands of the right seer or fortune teller.

In today's modern world this stone is commonly used to heal emotional scars and overcome psychological barriers. It's also used to uncover hidden or ulterior motivations in business dealings and is known t be a very potent and powerful stone.

Originally this stone was thought to be from the Silver Crown Mine in Mexico, although it's found in many different areas of the world today. It's commonly recognized as one of the third eye chakras and is used by cultures as mystical decorations and many pillars to icons are carved out of this semi-precious stone.

Used throughout time as a stone that will enhance healing, Psilomelane has been linked as a common cure for many diseases such as pneumonia or diabetes. This stone is highly sought after in necklaces and rings as and conveys many powers and essences to professionals around the world.


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