Solar Quartz is a completely natural agatised colourless variety of Quartz which grows deep inside caves where limestone deposits are formed. Solar Quartz may also contain mossy inclusions. The Stalactite type crystal growth is simply amazing and produces such wonderful crystals with a cracked ice appearance. There are many colour variations on the market which have been dyed. Solar Quartz works well with all chakra points, it is very calming yet energy enhancing, said to bring balance, harmony and peace.


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Size is approx: Length 31.6 mm Width 30.6 mm Depth 5.8 mm The Cabochon weighs 9 gms You will r..
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Size is approx: Length 32.5 mm Width 29 mm Depth 5.4 mm The Cabochon weighs 8 gms You will rec..
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Size is approx: Length 32.1 mm Width 29 mm Depth 6.8 mm The Cabochon weighs 10 gms You will re..
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